The Chinese phrase that is translated into English as the word 'acupuncture' is actually a pair of words, Zhen Jiu.  The word Zhen means 'needle', which is usually what we think of when we think of acupuncture.  The second word, Jiu, means 'burn', which refers to the practice of moxibustion.

In moxibustion, a fluffy fiber made from the leaves of the mugwort plant (moxa) is burned either on or near a patient's skin in order to effect a change in the tissue.  The changes brought about by moxibustion differ somewhat from those caused by acupuncture needles, but both work to restore natural circulation in the body.  The two techniques compliment each other, leading to the term Zhen Jiu, and rounding out the full practice of Classical Chinese Acupuncture.

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